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By “3rd” I mean the sesquiquarta interval between the 4th and 5th harmonics, a proportion of 5/4, and most of what I say about 3rds goes for their 8ve inversion, 6ths, as well. What is the special idiosyncratic personality of … Continue reading

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Bob Marvin interview

An excerpt containing some previously unpublished footage from the documentary ‘Ricercata’ by Daniël Brüggen (MusicFrame, 2011).
On a journey covering three continents, Daniël Brüggen explores the soul of the recorder and the attraction it held for him from the very beginning. Full documentary features recorder maker Bob Marvin, the Yamaha company, a Korean school class, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Dordrecht Recorder, and recorder celebrity Frans Brüggen.
Thanks to Daniël Brüggen for allowing us to publish it here.

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List of Available Instruments

Instrument(s) 4-foot Praetorius set (6 instruments) 8-foot Praetorius set (4 instruments) cylindrical set (6 instruments) ganassi in g meantone, a460 GANASSI in g meantone, a411 Wollick tenor in c meantone, a460 flauto doppio in f and cc meantone, a460 Bassano … Continue reading

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Welcome to my website

I’m lately thinking about: The physiological basis of the semitone. The vulgarizing influence of the 3rd. Vicente and I were wondering about style in playing renaissance dances, much of which is highly ornamented with divisions and glosas, and we imagined what … Continue reading

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