List of Available Instruments


Ganassi type alto recorder by Bob Marvin (detail). Photo credits

4-foot Praetorius set (6 instruments)
8-foot Praetorius set (4 instruments)
cylindrical set (6 instruments)
ganassi in g meantone, a460
GANASSI in g meantone, a411
Wollick tenor in c meantone, a460
flauto doppio in f and cc meantone, a460
Bassano alto in g meantone, a411
van Eyck soprano in cc meantone, a411

*: The 8-foot Praetorius set is only available along with the 4-foot set.

Prices are towards the high end of the market, and change each year with inflation.

Instruments description

  • cylindrical set: 6 instruments in f,g,cc meantone, a460; f,g,cc pythagorean, same c. For 14th-15th c. music, especially Spanish and Italian (villancicos and laude into the 16th c.)
  • 4-foot Praetorius set: 6 instruments in F,c,c,f,g,cc meantone, a460. For 15th-16th c. music.
  • 8-foot Praetorius set: 4 instruments in FF,C,C,G meantone, a460. Available with 4-foot set.
  • ganassi in g meantone, a460. For 15th c. songs, frottole, solos with tenors, etc.
  • GANASSI in g meantone, a411. Lusher, less “Italian” sound for more general use and with low-pitched lutes.
  • flauto doppio in f and cc meantone, a460. cc-ccc a sinistra, f-d a destra.
  • Wollick in c meantone, a460. Narrow-bore version of Praetorius tenor.
  • Bassano in g meantone, a411. For early baroque music.
  • van Eyck in cc meantone, a411. For early baroque music.

Read more about my instruments here.

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  1. marc says:

    hi very interesed in a medieval recorder.
    can u write me please ?


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