List of Available Instruments


Ganassi type alto recorder by Bob Marvin (detail). Photo credits

4-foot Praetorius set (6 instruments)
8-foot Praetorius set (4 instruments)
cylindrical set (6 instruments)
ganassi in g meantone, a460
GANASSI in g meantone, a411
Wollick tenor in c meantone, a460
flauto doppio in f and cc meantone, a460
Bassano alto in g meantone, a411
van Eyck soprano in cc meantone, a411

*: The 8-foot Praetorius set is only available along with the 4-foot set.

Prices are towards the high end of the market, and change each year with inflation. Please contact me for more information.


Please contact me directly via phone or post.

Instruments description

  • cylindrical set: 6 instruments in f,g,cc meantone, a460; f,g,cc pythagorean, same c. For 14th-15th c. music, especially Spanish and Italian (villancicos and laude into the 16th c.)
  • 4-foot Praetorius set: 6 instruments in F,c,c,f,g,cc meantone, a460. For 15th-16th c. music.
  • 8-foot Praetorius set: 4 instruments in FF,C,C,G meantone, a460. Available with 4-foot set.
  • ganassi in g meantone, a460. For 15th c. songs, frottole, solos with tenors, etc.
  • GANASSI in g meantone, a411. Lusher, less “Italian” sound for more general use and with low-pitched lutes.
  • flauto doppio in f and cc meantone, a460. cc-ccc a sinistra, f-d a destra.
  • Wollick in c meantone, a460. Narrow-bore version of Praetorius tenor.
  • Bassano in g meantone, a411. For early baroque music.
  • van Eyck in cc meantone, a411. For early baroque music.

Read more about my instruments here.

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  1. marc says:

    hi very interesed in a medieval recorder.
    can u write me please ?


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