Welcome to my website

I’m lately thinking about:

  • The physiological basis of the semitone.
  • The vulgarizing influence of the 3rd.
  • Vicente and I were wondering about style in playing renaissance dances, much of which is highly ornamented with divisions and glosas, and we imagined what the dancers were actually doing, flirting, gossiping, with political intrigue.. Perhaps the musicians reflected all this varied activity in their playing, with what might be called “glosas mariposas,” ways of turning phrases to suggest light and dark, and many other humors and intents.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments on the above topics.

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11 Responses to Welcome to my website

  1. Fran Pearson says:

    Bravo Vicente!

  2. cynthia (Bob's niece) says:

    ❤ ❤ <3!!! :-)))

  3. Holy Moley!!!! A website?? What the…..? What’s next – thumbrests? equal temperament? a rap video? This doesn’t mean you have a computer, does it?
    Welcome to the 21st century – you’ll hate it. I’ll write more later, but good to see you.


  4. Henk Wevers says:

    Bob, how can you do all this without having a computer, I clicked the e-mail response and that refers me to your message to contact you by letter or phone. Amazing to be at the same time in cyberspace and isolated from all this stuff in your physical realm on the farm. Cheers, Ineke and Henk.

  5. Just to avoid confusion: Bob does not have a computer himself (as he makes clear at the contact page): I volunteered to set up this little site for him. He’ll only occasionally read these comments as he’s hardly ever next to a computer! 🙂 So no way to contact him other than by phone or letter, that’s for sure.

  6. Judith says:

    Why am I not surprised? (by the website appearing, by the simplicity of its design and by the fact that Bob nevertheless does not have a computer…….)

  7. Dear Bob,
    it was such a unique weekend Heide and me got to spend with you in Berlin and I am very much in love with your beautiful consort from 1972!
    I am glad we could find out the mysterious riddle about Luther and the “Schwan” 😉

    Let’s keep in touch and I am sure we will be able to come to Québec sometime next year!
    Have a great time travelling through Europe and
    lots of hugs from beautiful sunny Berlin

    • Bob Marvin says:

      DEAR SUSANNE, (I like the full glory of your name; you seem like more than a mere “Susi”, although “Suessi” has possibilities)
      I am in beautiful sunny Sevilla, with the creator of my little website, and am astonished and delighted by your sweet message; other entries seem rather closed and deliver a complicated intent. I am carrying around a couple postcards for you and Heide and Adelheid that I will send “soon” (after all, this is Spain). They are from Dresden, where I had a wonderful time with Marcus Stahl. In Leipzig, Antje treated me royally, and I was delighted by the Hungarian invasion in the school; I hope they don’t stop being Hungarian when they pick up a flute (do you know about Hungarian sneezes, as in “Hary Janos”?). I listened to your disc and especially remember “Arrangements”, trying imagine all the little animals and birds in the notes. I think you had a lot of fun there, a musical “Akkukitsel”. It certainly worked on me, and made me laugh with pleasure. Can early music be such a delight? In Geneve, a flute student actually argued with me about music, not wanting so much attention to detail; I don’t think she is so haptisch in wanting to touch things with the fingertips of her heart. In Vienna, I heard a Studentenabend of Vivaldi flute concerti, and was struck by how much the strings played in octaves. It’s such a special effect, so I wonder just what Vivaldi had in mind. Was it only to contrast strength with sweetness? In Leipzig, I tried to get people to play “feste” so it sounded like that, but they only wanted to make it “stark”; I think der “schwannsinnige” Luther would not approve (I note that his Bibel translation of the psalm is not the song we know). In Escorial, I tried to drive a 15-year-old girl crazy (the way she dresses, I see a good potential), as she was playing Corelli’s “Follia”; she talks so extravagantly with her voice and hands, but when we need it in her music, where is all that wild expression?
      So thank you so much for writing, and I hope to hear more from you, and even to see you in beautiful sunny Woburn.
      Froehlich arrangiert,

  8. Henry says:

    Bonjuour mon cher Bob
    I have discovered you recent.
    I am charmed with their instruments so full with beauty as it is it the renaissance and for me, mainly, the Gothic and the romnico of him Middle age. I like the dance in recorder, shawm, sacabuche, dulcian and drum, the French dance of the renaissance. I live in Cuba, I interpret medieval music, I am a 23 year-old youth…. i wanted to contact him by mail. my email is anni@infomed.sld.cu
    ciao friend

  9. Cynthia Lively says:

    RIP – renaissance man.. Love you always Uncle Bob

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