About me

Bob Marvin

I grew up on a small farm in southern New Jersey, milking cows by hand and roaming our woods. Adolescence was in Kansas, fossil-hunting and wondering what to do about girls. I studied some mathematical physics in southern California, and became dissolute. I fell into music haphazardly: my sister signed me up for tuba in school and my California roommate played recorder. Visiting friends in Boston, I heard there was a recorder-maker in the area; so I went to see Friedrich von Huene, and ended up working for him a couple of years. He showed me how such things could be done, and taught me to be careful with my hands. Vielen Dank, Friedrich! Out on my own, a while later I met Nikolaus Harnoncourt, who pressed me with the importance of knowing the original instruments in European collections. I finally took his advice and was hosted in Vienna by Hans Maria Kneihs. Veni, vidi, mensus sum, Alea jacta erat. Danke sehr, Nikolaus und Hans!

I am more interested in the music than the instruments, which should be just tools. I like to help other players who share an historically aesthetic approach to 15th-16th c. music, but am happy when anyone is pleased by my flutes.